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The phishing issue: Michael Connory demonstrates how vulnerable you really are - CIO Australia


Security In Depth’s Michael Connory hacked his first computer, an IBM System/370 mainframe, when he was 12 years old. There were games on the machine that he wanted to play.

These days in his role as an ethical hacker, he could probably set up a social engineering attack on your organisation in a matter of minutes.

Last week, Connory demonstrated to CIO Australia how easy it is for someone with his skills to breach your defences using his company’s simulated cyber-attack solution, Candiru.

Just prior to Christmas, Connory and his team created and sent out a simple phishing email to convince staff at the local office of a $10 billion financial services company to hand over some of their personal details. His team was engaged by the organisation to set up the phishing attack and will subsequently be hosting cyber security training for its staff in a few weeks.

The phishing email, titled ‘Thank you for your hard work,’ was sent to 140 staff at the organisation. Upon opening...(continued)

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