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New RAT Trochilus, a sophisticated weapon used by cyber spies

Researchers spotted a new espionage campaign relying on a number of RATs including the powerful Trochilus threat.

Security experts have uncovered a new remote access Trojan (RAT) named Trochilus that is able to evade sandbox analysis. The Trochilus malware was used to targeted attacks in multi-pronged cyber espionage operations.

Experts atArbor Networks uncovered a cyber espionage campaign dubbedthe Seven Pointed Daggermanaged by a group dubbed “Group 27,” which used other malware includingPlugX, and the 9002 RAT (3102 variant).

“Specifically, six RAR files – containing two instances of PlugX, EvilGrab, an unknown malware, and two instances of a new APT malware called the Trochilus RAT – plus an instance of the 3012 variant of the 9002 RAT were found. These seven discovered malware offer threat actors a variety of capabilities including espionage and the means to move laterally within targets in order to achieve more strategic access.” states the report.

The experts...(continued)

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