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This state wants to ban gun-toting, flame-shooting, gas-spraying drones


“The laws have not caught up with technology,”Det. Sgt Joseph Flynn said last December, after police in Clinton, Connecticut were askedabout a second incident of an armed drone in that small town.

Flynn was referring to a video, apparently posted on YouTube by 18-year-old Austin Haughwout, showing a remote-controlled quadcopoter drone equipped with a home-made flamethrower.

Haughwout’s original claim to fame was anothervideo, posted last July, showing a flying drone firing a handgun in a wooded area.

Now a pair of proposed laws being considered in Connecticut would put an end to arming recreational drones.

A proposal on the “weaponization of drones” would prohibit using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to release tear gas, remotely control a weapon or “explosive or incendiary device.”

Both bills (one submitted in the Connecticut House of Representatives, the other in the state Senate) use the same language in reference to armed drones.

Except as otherwise provided by law, no...(continued)
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