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Irongate ICS Malware Steals From Stuxnet Playbook


New malware that targets industrial control systems called Irongate was found by researchers who say the discovery should serve as another wakeup call to the security industry to shore up its detection capabilities around ICS and SCADA threats. Irongate, which shares some of the same attributes as the lethal Stuxnet malware, was found by researchers at FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering which published its findings today.

FireEye said the malware does not currently pose a threat because itwas designed with the single purpose of running within Siemens simulated control system environments. But researchers say the malware has gone undetected for years, collecting dust in Google’s VirusTotal database.

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“Our ability as an industry to understand and detect threats is improving, but it’s not sufficient as evidenced by an example such as this,” said Rob Caldwell, manager of FireEye Labs...(continued)

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