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Nuuo and Netgear video surveillance recorders affected by multiple flaws

The US-CERT warns of the presence of multiple flaws in the Nuuo NVRmini and other network video recorders of the same vendor.

The US-CERThas issued a security advisory related to the presence of multiple vulnerabilities in the Web interface of a Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance video recorder and various devices manufactured by the video recording company NUUO.

The vulnerable devices produced byNUUO are NVRmini 2, NVRsolo, and Crystal. All the affected products are Network Video Recording (NVR) systems with Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality for managing IP cameras.

The flaws were discovered by Pedro Ribeiro from Agile Information Security.

“NUUO NVRmini 2, NVRsolo, and Crystal, and Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance products have web management interfaces containing multiple vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to gain complete control of affected devices.” states thesecurity advisoryissued by the CERT.

The experts at the CERT warn about possible exploitation of the...(continued)

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